Dean Palmer
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Education: I went to Seminole High School in Seminole Florida, and graduated in 1985. I went St Pete College, Miami-Dade College, University of Miami (FL), and The University of Phoenix. I hold degrees in Business Management, and Communications. I have earned additional certificates in the fields of management, engineering, quality control, and Spanish. During college, I did an internship in broadcasting at WQYK 99.5 FM, a major country music station in the Tampa market.

Employment: I made my first money mowing lawns and fixing bicycles, which I did until my later years in high school. I then got my first job as an assistant at a graphic arts and publishing company. When that got boring I made pizza at Charlie & Millies pizza on Seminole Blvd (yeah, it's still there). A friend suggested I join him at a local McDonalds, and I did that for a few years and became an assistant store manager. As you can imagine I didn't see a career there and took a job with a company called Bill Jackson's in Pinellas Park, Florida. After seven years I left for a job as a national tech-services manager for Peter Glenn Ski & Sport, and moved to Ft Lauderdale, Florida to work out of the main office. After a few years there I wanted to be back in St Pete with friends and family. I took a job with Barney's Motorcycles for a while to work with my friend KC Wood. In January of 1996, another friend suggested that I apply for a management job at Jabil Circuit, and that is where I remain today.

During my time at Jabil, I've been a manufacturing line manager, manufacturing plant manager in US/Mexico, quality engineer, IT project manager, and Regional IT manager for North and South America.

I spent a few years living in Mexico working for Jabil. I was in Guadalajara and Chihuahua, spending most of my time in Chihuahua. I'm bilingual, and speak Spanish at an intermediate level.

Other Stuff: I have a long list of skills and hobbies, and some I've even forgotten. I'm mainly into boating, scuba diving, cave diving, spearfishing, fishing, offroading, and homebrewing. I have experience in automotive repair and performance, construction, motorcycles, firearms, cigars, growing chili peppers, and other various man-stuff.

Below is a pic of "Pancho" our newly adopted terrier . He is named after Francisco "Pancho" Villa, the infamous revolutionary hero of Mexico, and former resident of our other hometown of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Below is a view from the back of our house. It is small, but we like it. I just wish I had more room to brew and store my stuff! This patio is where we spend a lot of time brewing, entertaining, and just hanging out.
We also make some really good barbecue!
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