Home Brewing Classes

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So many people have asked us if we will teach them to brew, and of course the answer is yes. We always invite anyone interested in brewing to join us on brew days, and we will organize special classes on request as well.

It doesn't matter if you are a total beginner who has never brewed, or an extract brewer looking to get into using grain. Everyone is welcome.

You can bring your equipment, or use ours. We have a variety of gear that will cover most, if not all brewing needs. You can show up with your ingredients, and leave with a carboy full of wort. You can also just watch us brew one of our recipes and learn how we do it before brewing your own.

We will cover every possible topic:

Choosing a recipe, purchasing ingredients, equipment selection, water treatment, grain milling, mashing, temp control, sparging methods, calculating volumes, boiling, hop additions, chilling, fermenting, kegging and/or bottling, carbonating, kegerators, and proper serving.

And the cost... We enjoy brewing, helping others, and making new friends, so we don't charge anything for teaching you to brew. Most of the time we also have a few kegs of homebrew on tap for everyone to enjoy.

You only pay for your ingredients, or bring them with you, and that is all. We do prefer that you use your local home brew shop for your kits and/or other ingredients and equipment when possible.

We usually brew on Saturdays starting at ~9am. The finishing time depends on the type of brewing we will do, and the number of people involved. For an all-grain brew, from the time we light the burners to cleaning the last kettle we allow 6 hours. Most of the time we are done within 5 hours, but we don't rush it.

We don't use a lot of fancy equipment when teaching the basics, and we believe in keeping it simple. We will always try and show you the best and easiest way to brew good beer with a minimal investment. We started out with a turkey fryer kit, an old cooler, and a few buckets, so we can show you how to keep it easy and cheap!

Just contact me at Dean_Palmer@jabil.com for more details, or to set up a brew day!

Email me at Dean_Palmer@jabil.com if you find errors, bullshit, or have questions.