Growing Potted Hops in Florida
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I decided that this year was going to be my first attempt at growing hops here in Florida. I have heard that there are places down here that have them growing, but have never seen them. I potted them as I don't have a great place to do it in the ground, and the weed killers we use for the St Augustine grasses will probably kill them in short order. There are also so many lawn chemicals in the ground water from the lawns here that I can't even use my shallow well irrigation for my vegetables.

The pots are the largest decent looking plastic ones that Lowes sold, and that was the basis for my purchase. The dirt is a potting soil for fruits and vegetables sold by "Jungle Growth" at Lowes. I don't know anything about the brand, but it was cheap and seemed targeted at what I needed. I might be adding some peat moss to retain moisture, but I'm waiting to see how they do without it as I hear hops don't like to be too damp.

I'll attempt to document the life of these hops as they grow. They are Centennial.

They are planted one rhizome to a large pot, and only receive the direct Florida sunshine in the morning hours. Knowing that they will probably not live too well in the constant Florida heat, they have some partial to full shade during the heat of the afternoon.

May 23rd 2009, I moved the hops to the right side of the patio into the direct sunlight, and added a 16ft tall 4x4 post to hold the lines that they are climbing. We also added some lights going up to the top of the pole for a more festive atmosphere. The post is straight and plumb, it just looks bent in the photo.
July 4th, 09

They are now over the top of the post and growing back on themselves. The flower buds/cones are coming out everywhere and it looks like we will have a good harvest if the plants live through the Florida heat.

Here is a shot of the cones on 7/12/09
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