Chancellor Circle Remodel Before and After

The house on Chancellor as it sits today is almost a completely rebuilt home other than the original framing and the roof, and the roof will have its day sometime in the future :-) I will list all the changes and contractors at the end of the page, but will try to detail some of the pics that were taken along the way. Contractors were used where needed and/or required, and all permits were obtained from the city as per normal. Architectural drawings were required for the big stuff and done by a local firm. 

I bought this as a short sale and the previous owner had let the property go to hell from day one, so there were some surprises even after a thorough inspection.

As you can see from the first pictures, the house was poorly designed with no roof over the front or rear doors. This allowed the weather to beat the hell out of the doorways and made in almost impossible to get in and out of the house during bad weather without getting soaked and having the weather come into the house. All this weather also rotted away the door frame and wall structure which had to be removed and totally replaced. All doors and windows were replaced, and we used PPG Premier Guard Hurricane Impact glass. Garage doors were also done with 100% impact ratings (not just windload).

The exterior siding of the house was removed and the worn cedar replaced with James Hardie Fiber Cement. The fabric is a breathable vapor barrier. The front siding was done by John Anderson Construction as I was limited on time and John does a great job.

The front deck was removed and totally rebuilt. Water channels were installed to make the underside waterproof. Why all this trouble??? Well, the deck now forms a roof over the front of the garage doors, preventing most rain from driving against the doors and possibly into the garage. If the garage floor had been poured and graded properly back in 1985 when it was built, this would be much less of a concern, but this is great improvement and allows the front garage doors to be open in bad weather and gives a nice dry entry and work area.

These were the original front doors. They were steel and pretty cheap, but functional. Unfortunately these double doors suck for security and windload, and the previous owners never maintained the seals so everything around them was so rotten they were sagging inward and screws could not get a bite into the rotten wood to correct the issue. They were replaced with a single impact glass door with a tropical theme. Same door was used for the rear door of the garage going out to the pool. All synthetic materials and stainless steel were used. No more wood to rot and feed the bugs!