Welding and Stuff

All Types of Metal!
Stainless, Sanitary, Stainless, Aluminum, and plain old Steel.
Brewing Stands, Kettle modifications, burner stands and mounts, Marine repairs in stainless and aluminum.
Welded Tri-Clamp ports $75 including parts. Keggle Tops cut $30.

So you're not a metal fab guy if you don't show up in overalls with burn holes in them at least once and a while!

Make jokes all you want until you get a hot spark down the front of your jeans!!!

This was a brew stand build.

The steel frame was assembled using a Miller 211 AutoSet MIG welder.
The hardware....

Miller Diversion 165

Miller 211

Chicago Electric

Stick/TIG backup:
Chicago Electric
All parts are cut with a cold saw and assembled flat, level, and plumb.

The Evolution Cold Saw makes a nice cut in all metals, free of burrs and metal dust and debris.

Mockup of the brew stand sized for keg kettles.
A 3-burner stand.
Twin sanitary tri-clamp ports installed in a kettle.